To the corner Reddit called “anti-work” which is full of stories about employers you’re so glad you don’t work for.

And it’s a classic of the genre, the company’s outrageous mobile phone policy shared by a Redditor sleazycookies who said, “My friend started a new job, sent me this and turned off his phone.”

Extraordinary things. And she got exactly the reviews she deserved.

“A memo will be sent out next week saying you can’t wear a watch at work.”
large frame79

“The only thing more offensive than this policy is that this moron started his sentence with the phrase ‘If someone is watching himself . . .”

“If you’re working, you’d better not call me on my cell phone, if I’m not working, it’ll be a $2 surcharge per call.”

“I’ll be breaking pay laws and I’m even putting it in writing”

“Damn idiot.”

“Many diabetics rely on the phone to schedule their insulin.

“This could be an ADA lawsuit.”

“I suggest you do not investigate the validity of this new policy . . .”

“God, this reeks of insecurity on the part of management. I honestly would have left immediately if I had started this job less than a month ago. People mentioned disability, but what about people who have children?”
The zygote

“Hell, time to start looking for a new job.”

“One week later: Guys, phones in stores are not for personal calls. You need to stop telling people to call the store to contact you.”


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Reddit source u/sleazycookies