A Brighton student was showing off her woodworking skills on a Channel 4 TV show.

Chloe Hook, a student at the University of Brighton, was showing off her crafts as part of Handmade, a primetime show looking for Britain’s best woodworker.

Chloe, 21, rose to success on the show after completing a number of projects including clocks, rocking horses and a couch.

Chloe said: “My work emphasizes the need for nature in our lives, not only through spending time outdoors, but also through the design of our homes.”

“Being surrounded by objects we value and enjoy creates a more productive and happy environment.”

Studying on a 3D design course at the University of Brighton, Chloe also added that she had “access to a wide range of tools and machines” which helped her on the course.

Argus: One of Chloe's creations, a watch inspired by natureOne of Chloe’s creations is a watch inspired by nature (Image: University of Brighton)

She is also the youngest member of Handmade, who started woodworking through her love of the material as a sustainable form of craft.

In her free time, Khloe also participates in a Celtic Pagan drumming group and shares her creations online through her Instagram page.

Chloe can be seen at Handmade on Wednesday 26th October and the show airs every Wednesday.