School will be back soon Sexual life of female studentsand Pauline Chalamet can’t wait.

In fact, the actress who plays Kimberly on the HBO Max series has already watched the first four episodes the second season ahead of next month’s premiere. Her thoughts?

“It’s hard watching it the first time, but I loved it,” she exclusively told E! News at the “Women in Film Max Mara Face of the Future Awards 2022” ceremony on October 25. “I like how we are take back and I think it’s finding its groove.”

Polina added that she really wanted to new episodes to release so she can discuss them without fear of spoilers. “I am very happy to see the work we put into it“, she said, “because it’s really fun to talk to people about it.”

After all, big things happen for Kimberly in season two. Without giving too much away, Pauline teased that viewers can expect her character to “grow up” in a different light.