BLithuania warned Russia against escalating the war in Ukraine after the defense minister’s statement that Kyiv was going to use a radioactive “dirty bomb”.

General Sergei Shoigu held a series of phone calls with his Western counterparts on Sunday to make the accusations, prompting fears of a false flag attack.

The Russian Minister of Defense said that he is concerned about possible Ukrainian provocations with the use of a “dirty bomb” in negotiations with his colleagues in Great Britain, the United States, France and Turkey.

General Shaigu said Britain was among Western countries helping Ukraine plan “actions … to escalate the conflict in Ukraine,” according to a statement from Britain’s Ministry of Defense (MoD).

Russian state media said on Sunday that Britain was helping Kiev gather nuclear material for battlefield use in “low-yield nuclear weapons”.

Ben Wallace, Secretary of Defence, “It denied these allegations and warned that such allegations should not be used as a basis for further escalation,” the Ministry of Defense said.

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