Singer Peter Andre said his home was “struck by lightning” as thunderstorms raged across the south and east of England on Sunday night.

The pop star posted a video on Instagram showing the damage to his property, describing the storm as “crazy”.

He wrote: “Lightning just hit our house. Loudest thing I’ve ever heard. Alarm going off. It’s crazy.”

The footage shows damage to the chimney and a piece of masonry on the lawn below.

Andre added: “Thank God the princess (his daughter, 15) is fine. Although I don’t know what was louder, her scream or the roof.”

Loud rumbles of thunder could be heard in London since late evening as gale-force winds and torrential rain swept through the capital.

A car was photographed in Clapham, south London, with a tree top on its bonnet and windscreen.

This car came to rest after a tree fell in Clapham. Photo: Twitter/@Champagnepaddy2

The trunk of the tree appeared to split in two when it fell, the lighter bark visible from the inside as it lay on the edge of the grass and pavement.

To the east, in Peckham, a man was filmed cycling through floodwaters while another resident walked past shops wearing boots.

Flooding was also reported in King’s Cross.

Today is expected to be mostly light again, but it will be breezy in many central and southern areas and very windy along the Channel coast.

Today in the afternoon, sunny weather and short-term rain are expected in most areas, thunderstorms are possible in the extreme south.