Apple and Cisco found a way to integrate many of the best collaboration features found in iPadOS/iOS/macOS into Webex. The new integration even extends to Deskview, a new feature that allows a user to share video from their desk during a Webex meeting.

Webex gets the best of Apple collaboration

Cisco announced the news today at Webex One. The big takeaway: Apple and Cisco continue to expand they started their partnership in 2015 around the time of Apple CEO Tim Cook appeared on Cisco Live enter a tie.

The idea behind this integration is to empower users to get work done their way, on their terms. You can think of it as the best of FaceTime with better collaboration capabilities for enterprise technology, although it remains to be seen if it’s exclusive or not.

The latest Webex and Apple integration capabilities include:

Share your mobile camera

  • Allows users to share content from the rear or front-facing camera through the Webex Meetings mobile app to annotate images.
  • Allows users to write, draw and add shapes in real-time and simultaneously with any number of meeting participants.
  • Offers more effective collaboration by leveraging the high-quality video capture capabilities of Apple devices.

Continuity camera

  • Allows Mac users to use their iPhone as a webcam.
  • Unlocks powerful video effects like center stage, portrait mode, and studio light directly on iPhone.
  • Desk View support in macOS Ventura to display user faces and desks at the same time.

What Cisco said

Explaining the plans for Art Webex Blog, Jitu Patel, the company’s executive vice president and general manager of security and business units at Ccollaboration, wrote: “People today want the flexibility to get work done their way and on their terms. This includes using their favorite devices and working anywhere – at the office, at home, and everywhere in between… I’m excited to share a couple of new integrations between Cisco’s Webex and Apple technologies that make it all possible.”

Discussing Mobile Camera Share, Patel explained:

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