Leslie Jordan was recording new music when he died unexpectedly. (these)

Leslie Jordan opened up about her upbringing and “unexpected” career turn in a bittersweet final TV interview before her death.

actor, World Health Organization died on Monday (October 24) in a car accident, spoke to CBS about his big break in country music and his upbringing.

The interview was filmed two weeks before his death CBS aired footage for the first time on Tuesday (October 25).

Speaking about his early years in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Jordan recalled growing up feeling like a “slut” compared to his father, whom he described as a “man’s man.”

“His group of guys would come home and I’d be twirling a club in the yard,” he laughed.

After meeting his mother at the age of 12, he recalled her telling him: “I think you’re going to be the object of ridicule and I couldn’t stand it, so why don’t you just live quietly.”

After a long career as an actor, AIDS and pandemic activist, he threw up his hands, joking: “Here I am!”

He also admitted that he didn’t even think about acting until he entered college and joined an introductory theater class.

“It was like a drug on me,” he said of his first job, and soon moved to Hollywood to pursue his dream. And the rest is history.

Leslie Jordan is promoting her latest TV show, Call Me Kat. (these)

Emmy Award winner. Will and Grace an actorwho was already beloved by many, gained millions of followers during the pandemic after documenting his lockdown experience on Instagram.

It was also during this time that he began a new career in country music, releasing his first country album The campaign is underway in 2021.

Talking to CBS on why he started this new career, he said: “I had a Sunday hymn on Instagram where we sang hymns that I grew up with.

“And people started tuning in, and somehow we decided to make an album out of it.

“It suddenly happened in my 60s, and now I’m a country singer. I love Nashville and the way Nashville embraced me.

“Tto be taken seriously and make an album with Dolly Parton, Christ Stapleton and Brandi Carlyle, that’s something.”

The final clip showed him sings the anthem with his producer Danny Myrickwhich he himself posted on Instagram teasing his new project the day before his death.

“Danny helped me with a new original song that should be out very soon. Love. Light. Leslie,” he wrote in the caption.

Earlier this month, he worked on a new music video with country duo LOCASH and Blanco Brown, making his country music dreams come true.

Post after his death confirmed: “In the coming days, we’ll be giving you an insight into a project that Leslie was really proud of and was looking forward to sharing with the world.”