A large crowd gathered to protest against trucks using their village as a ‘rat run’.

Protesters gathered on the village green in North Road, Ringmere, to voice their displeasure and call for a ban on lorries “rumbling” through the village, except for local access.

People waved banners and placards, chanted “no truck driving” and made a dummy clock.

There was also a a petition that has more than 300 signatures.

The Argus: Protesters show their displeasureProtesters show their displeasure (Image: The Argus)

Green Party councilor Emily O’Brien said: “I never expected such a big turnout. It was quite unusual and shows how strong Ringmer’s feelings are.

“People who live on the main road can’t sleep at night and many elderly people and people with young children or disabled people have told me they are afraid to drive on the main road because of the lorries whizzing past our very narrow pavements. It’s time to act.”

Protesters gathered on Tuesday, October 18.

Green Party county councilor Jonny Dennis said: “We all welcome our lorry drivers who do deliveries and work locally but we need to put an end to the Ringmer being a rat run for lorries who can and should use the nearest roads A.

Argus: a group of protestorsA group of protesters (Image: Lewes Greens)

“Other county councils, including West Sussex, have introduced a network of lorry routes. We need East Sussex The county council needs to have a proper discussion about doing the same – and today’s turnout shows it is long overdue.”

The protest had been planned for September but was postponed as a mark of respect during official mourning for Her Majesty the Queen.

A council spokeswoman said: “As few roads in the county are fully suitable for HGVs, the council’s policy is that these vehicles should be able to use A and B roads across the network rather than concentrating on a small number of selected roads. .

Argus: A watch dummy for speedDummy speed clock (Image: Lewes Greens)

“Restrictions have been put in place on some roads which are considered particularly unsuitable for HGVs and we are always happy to consider proposals for roads where the environment will be improved for residents and other road users.

“It is important to note that even with the restrictions, HGVs are still able to use these roads when delivering to residential properties or businesses in the area.”