I’ll admit it: I was really looking for the brand new Pixel Watch from Google.

I’ve been wearing the watch for the past few weeks, despite bathing and sleeping, and here’s the thing: I actually wore no expect to enjoy it.

I was actually a very early fan of Wear OS and Google’s smartwatch odyssey, way back in the day the first platform out in the prehistoric era of 2014. But then a few things happened:

  1. I reached a point where I wished I could be less tied to technology, and wearing a smartwatch made me feel constantly online and related to my electronic duties.
  2. Google abandoned its thoughtful original vision for wearables with an emphasis on contextual information and visual nuggets, and instead began to pursue the more popular philosophy of Apple — with an emphasis on complex stand-alone programs and complex interactions. These things look impressive in the ad, but in my eyes don’t create a great experience in the real world, and it just didn’t fit the way I wanted to use the watch.

So suffice it to say, I figured my journey with the new Pixel Watch would be an interesting technological diversion, but a short-lived adventure that I’d rather give up.

Boy was I wrong.

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