Investing Basics videos that explain what you need to know to build an investment portfolio with a solid foundation

For successful long-term investing, getting the fundamentals right pays off.

An investment portfolio built on a solid foundation is more likely to weather storms and deliver returns for years than one built from stocks bought on an emotional whim.

Stocks bought in haste out of fear of losing out are often the ones investors end up regretting.

But in a world where it’s easy to combine instant investment, information overload, and FOMO, these basic principles can quickly go out the window.

At the other end of the spectrum are investors who have built up large banks of money but miss out on the prospect of higher long-term returns from the stock market because they worry about investing and don’t understand how it works.

Fortunately, for those who’d rather get things right than chase the next get-rich-quick idea that might backfire, ShareSoc — a nonprofit for individual investors — has released a new set of videos to help.

Basics of investing is an entertaining, jargon-free, ten-episode set presented by full-time investor and former TV journalist Glenn Goodman.

Glenn said: “Millions of people made the investment mistake of last year’s meme share boom, but most of them could have done a lot better if they had the proper objective guidance, and that’s where Sharesoc Investing Basics comes in.

“It’s fast and fun, and gives you all the tools you need to succeed.”

The videos look at investing in stocks and funds and cover everything from an introduction to investing to how to expand your research, how to decide when to buy and sell, and tips on how to find great investments.

They’re perfect for both those new to investing and seasoned investors who could use a refresher on the basics and a good cleanup of their portfolios.

This is Money has partnered with ShareSoc to help promote the video as we really want our readers and as many people as possible to access this fun and useful piece of financial education.

We’ll be posting videos and excerpts from It’s Money, featuring the first intro video and the second video on the miracle of compounding.

But you can also go watch the whole series at Site on the basics of investing.