Graham Norton brilliantly summed up how ridiculous the political situation in the UK has become when commenting on the leadership contest between the Tories and Boris Johnson. (BBC)

Graham Norton perfectly summed up how ridiculous the Tory leadership contest has become and dismissed the idea of ​​Boris Johnson’s return as Prime Minister.

Norton used an opening monologue The Graham Norton Show on Friday (October 21) to poke fun at the Tory leadership race to succeed Liz Truss as prime minister. Truss resigned on Thursday (October 20). after 44 days in officewho went down in history as the shortest prime minister.

The race to succeed Truss has begun with three perceived front-runners – Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordant and former Prime Minister Boris Johnson – received support from the Conservative Party.

Norton briefly reflected on the chaos during the election opening his showand it was clear that he was not thrilled at the thought of Johnson’s return to the Prime Ministership.

“Who’s next?” he said.

“Sources say it could be Penny Mordaunt for the party. It could be Rishi Sunak for the country, or even Boris Johnson… for f**k.”

Graham Norton’s scathing remarks drew laughs from both the crowd and the internet, which, like the rest of the UK, are awaiting a Tory decision on who will succeed Truss.

Sunak is currently the bookies’ favorite in the Tory leadership race, having won strong support in the Conservative Party during his previous campaign in the summer. However, the former chancellor did not officially declare his intention to run for office.

Sunak’s position on LGBTQ+ rights has been murky at best, and he has had no direct involvement in advancing or rolling back LGBTQ+ rights during his tenure as finance minister.

During his leadership bid, he became increasingly clear about his position on transgender rights. Sunak is next to Tras denied that trans women were womenand Sunaka’s ally was quoted in Mail on Sunday saying he would back out “Recent trends in the erasure of women through the use of clumsy, gender-neutral language” if he became prime minister.

Mordaunt became the first candidate to formally announce his intention to run as the next leader of the Conservative Party. The former defense secretary came third in the Tory leadership race this summer before eventually backing Truss.

The Tory government began the long-promised process of reforming the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) during her tenure as Theresa May’s women and equalities secretary, and she earned a reputation as a rare trans ally in the Tory party.

However, Mordaunt made a sharp U-turn from her previous support for transgender rights during her bid for the Tory leadership.

She spoke against what she called “trans-orthodoxy” in a long-running Twitter thread, and her short-lived campaign was marked by her making a crude anti-trans genitalia banter

Johnson is reportedly considering running again for UK prime minister following Truss’ dramatic resignation. Former prime minister resigned in disgrace in July after a series of scandals and a mass wave of ministerial resignations.

During it time as Prime Ministerthe Tory government halted efforts to tackle LGBTQ+ bullying, scrapped reform of the GRA and reneged on promises to ban the practice of conversion in the UK.

Nominations for the next Tory leader and prime minister close on Monday (October 24) and candidates will need the support of at least 100 Tory MPs. The Conservative Party will elect a new leader by Friday (October 28).