In an attempt to intimidate his nephew, Emond threatened to gouge out Lucerice’s eye, then chased after the young prince on a dragon. The situation escalated to dire when the dragon Luceris Arax blasted fire at the dragon Emond Vhagar. This prompted Vhagar to pursue Arrax with all his might, killing the dragon and Rhaenyra’s son in the process.

Emond clearly did not wish for such an outcome as he shouted at the beast, “Vhagar, no. No!”

Although the fans George RR Martinnovel Fire and bloodwhich inspired the Game of Thrones prequel series that foreshadowed this finale, watching Luceris die was still terrifying. Lucerius’ death not only solidified his mother’s decision to fight for her crown, confirmation of the bloody Targaryen civil war (known as The Dance of Dragons) but hinted at it any a member of the Targaryen family may be at risk.

We are also such fans of the sweet young prince that we are just sad to see him go.