President Xi JinpingChina’s most powerful leader in decades, reinforced his dominance when he was reappointed for a new term as head of the ruling power on Sunday Communist Party in a break with tradition and fostered allies who support his vision of tighter control over society and a struggling economy.

Xi, who came to power in 2012, was given a third five-year term as general secretary, breaking with the custom of his predecessor stepping down after 10 years. Some expect the 69-year-old leader to try to stay in power for life.

The party also formed a seven-member Standing Committee headed by Xi Jinping, which is dominated by allies of the party leader. It came as the party wrapped up its bi-decade convention to install a new leadership.

Xi Jinping and other members of the Standing Committee made their first appearance to reporters on Sunday at the National People’s Congress, the residence Chinaceremonial legislature to the Center Beijing.