PIANIST Fergus McCready won Scottish Album of the Year (SAY) last night for ‘Forest Floor’.

McCready, who was also shortlisted for the Mercury Prize this year, was unable to attend the ceremony at the Albert Halls in Stirling.

Senaid Aitken received the award on his behalf.

Third time lucky for McCready, 25, who was longlisted for the SAY Awards last year and shortlisted as part of his eponymous trio in 2019.

McCready said: “I’m really proud of the way this trio comes across on record and we’re honored to receive this recognition from the SAY jury.

“I’m also excited about what this can do for Scottish jazz – we’re the first jazz group to win the prize and I really hope we won’t be the last.

“Scottish jazz is full of incredible musicians and bands that I have so much respect for and I really hope this is just one step of an incredible journey for the scene. [that] really punches above its weight.”

The Cocteau Twins won the Scottish Modern Classic Award for Sky and Las Vegas.

Bertha Kennedy has been awarded the Sound of Young Scotland Award and a funding package worth up to £5,000 to support the creation of her debut album.

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