Gird up your loins Anne Hathaway has shocking The Devil Wears Prada discovery

Sixteen years after the iconic film introduced us to Andy Sachs, Runway and Meryl StreepMiranda Priestly, the actress has a firm idea of ​​where her character is today.

“I think Andi is in Paris and I think she’s writing for a wonderful French women’s magazine,” Hathaway exclusively told E! News while promoting his upcoming film Armageddon time. “I think she’s a staff writer and she speaks fluent French. And I don’t think she’s married, but she might have a kid or two. I think she’s quite wonderful.’

Unfortunately, we likely won’t see it on screen. And while the 39-year-old admitted she hadn’t heard of a sequel, she wouldn’t be against the idea.

“I’m sorry to say that when this happens, no one told me,” she explained. “But I think it should be a completely different group of people like they did TV series based on hit movies. I can see that it could go in that direction, but I don’t know which of us will be involved in it.”