There’s good news (I guess) for tech procurement departments and frequent travelers: Apple now says it will eventually standardize USB-C charging cables because it has no choice. This happened after the decision of the European Union (EU) to create a mandatory charging standard for small electronic devices.

“We don’t have a choice,” says Apple’s vice president

Speaking at St WSJ Tech Conference Live, – Apple’s senior vice president for global marketing, Greg Joswiak, explained Apple’s position. Its opening follows a recent EU decision require all manufacturers to use USB-C to charge small electronic devices such as the iPhone by the end of 2024.

“We don’t have a choice — like all over the world, (we) will follow local laws,” he said.

However, it won’t necessarily be soon, and Joswiak refused to commit to any time frame. He recognized the EU’s 2024 time frame.

To be fair, Apple seems to have already started moving toward USB-C adoption. iPads, Macs—even the recently introduced AirPods Pro 2—all use the interconnect. Despite the public failure of the AirPower attempt, Apple is also clearly exploring how to do wireless charging an effective tool for power.

Why Apple thought otherwise

While Joswiak acknowledged that the EU has good intentions with its mandate, he explained that Apple continues to view the decision, no matter how good it was, as a threat to future innovation.

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