It’s a real shame to get the wrong product – or the right product that’s missing something. On Reddit r/AmazonReviews, u/pariswonder0121 shared a screenshot of a person complaining about the same.

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A reviewer’s blunder caused Redditors to look it in the face next week – and allow themselves some (mostly) gentle derision.

How stupid do you have to be not to understand this shit.

Hey, be nice, this person is clearly very unhappy with their purchase.
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Just imagine it was your Birhtay. You won’t be hppppy either.

I think it should be a red flag that one A doesn’t look like the others…

I am worried about the 3 people who found this review helpful.
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Knowing how smart kids are – and how often they confuse their parents – u/FromUnderTheWineCork must have been on to something with that.

I like to imagine they were still using the decor and their 6 year old daughter fixed it in 30 seconds.


A one-star review for this coffee shop for the wrong brand of oat milk is the ultimate right

The source r/AmazonReviews A picture r/AmazonReviews, iam_os on Unsplash