RISHY Sunak will become the second prime minister of the king’s reign, which is just over six weeks old.

Charles, as head of state, is obliged to appoint the head of His Majesty’s government.

The Royal Encyclopedia states that the appointment of the Prime Minister is “one of the sovereign’s few personal prerogatives”.

It is understood that the King will travel to London on Monday afternoon, as previously planned, from the private royal estate of Sandringham.

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But it appears unlikely that he will hold an audience at Buckingham Palace on Monday to accept the resignation of outgoing Prime Minister Liz Truss and name her successor, Mr Sunak.

A monarch does not act on advice and does not have to consult anyone before calling on a politician to form a government.

But the main requirement is the appointment of someone who can command the confidence of the House of Commons – which usually means the leader of the party with the overall majority of seats in the House of Commons.

In an audience at Buckingham Palace expected in the next few days, the monarch – in line with his constitutional duty – will offer Mr Sunak the chance to form a new government and become Britain’s prime minister.

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After the appointment of the new head of the country, the court circular will record that “the prime minister kissed hands at the appointment.”

It’s not literally like that, and it’s usually a handshake. Before seeing the new prime minister, the king will hold an audience with Ms Truss, who will formally tender her resignation and is likely to be joined at the end of the meeting by her husband Hugh O’Leary.