HARRY Enfield’s alter ego Loadsamoney has called on former prime minister Boris Johnson to return to No.10.

The Eighties Thatcher icon reprized his satirical role as the Essex man in a one-off special of Channel 4’s iconic Friday Night Live extravaganza.

Loadsamoney said: “I didn’t vote for her [Truss]I voted for Boris.”

“And I want Boris back,” he declared to jeers from a studio audience filled with the capital’s left-wing London elite.

“Because Boris speaks my language!”

“He’s a lying, cheating fat s*** like me!” he declared with a laugh.

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“LoadsaMoney! Bring Boris back!” he said.

BORIS Johnson is expected to make an unusual political comeback in the race to replace Liz Truss just over six weeks after he was ousted in a coup, returning to the UK to hold meetings with rival Rishi Sunak.

His allies in parliament are urging him to run, and the Conservatives are desperate to avoid a general election amid dismal poll ratings.

Electing Mr Johnson would mean the Tories could say they are not on their third leader since he won their seat in 2019 – an argument voters would find hard to accept.

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