The second part Love is blind the third season is officially launched Netflixand fans are already calling out cast member Bartis Bowden’s behavior in recent episodes.

In the first four episodes of the popular dating show, five couples got engaged after forming an emotional connection in the pods. Bartis Bowden, a 27-year-old senior analyst, proposed to Nancy Rodriguez, 32, a special education teacher. Despite their initial attraction to Pilates instructor Raven Ross, Bowden and Rodriguez left their family together to go on a pre-honeymoon vacation to Malibu, California, with other engaged couples.

***Spoilers Ahead***

That all changed when Bowden met Ross in person during a retreat and told his bride that he was still attracted to his old love. In the fifth episode, Bowden was seen talking to Ross in the pool when he told the pilates instructor that he was “very impressed” by her appearance. Ross instantly called it quits and told Bowden that they would not have an emotional connection as a couple.

While many of the Love is blind couples had their first fights and misunderstandings during their post-capsule retreat, the real trouble started when they left for their hometown of Dallas, Texas. There, couples will live together, get to know each other’s families and learn how to build a life together before the wedding day.

In the sixth episode, Rodriguez took Bowden to see one of the five rental properties she owns with her ex-boyfriend. While Bowden initially had reservations about Rodriguez still being financially tied to her ex-partner, he was more thrilled that his fiancée was able to buy the property for $100,000. The moment caught the attention of many fans, as some viewers began sharing their suspicions about Bowden on social media.

“Bartiz is a walking red flag (not in a good way) and Nancy needs to RUN,” one person wrote on Twitter. “You don’t talk about how attractive other girls YOU’VE BEEN WITH, but you have a problem with her continuing her affairs with her ex????? Goodbye boy. Your insecurities scream LOUD.”

“I don’t know how many times I’m going to tweet Nancy run,” said another user. “The Bartiz girl only sees the check now that he sees what you’re doing in your business life.”

A third viewer wrote: “Nancy girl run. Bartis’ eyes lit up when she talked about her finances.”

When it came time to meet the family, Bowden was expectedly grilled by the Rodriguez brothers, Steve and Jesus. Steve, clearly skeptical of Bowden, asked him, “If my sister gained 400 pounds, would you still love her?”

“I’m not going to sit here and tell you that physical attraction means nothing,” Bowden replied. “I take care of my body, and I hope my future wife takes care of hers.”

He continued: “[Rodriguez] is going to be my future wife and when she gets to 400 pounds, I hope we’ve communicated that she’ll be fine with me saying, “Hey, let’s go on a little diet” until she gets to 400 pounds. I mean, I’m going to say that I’m not attracted to a 400 pound girl, right? And the conversations that Nancy and I had showed me that we could get through this and it wouldn’t be a problem.”

Unsurprisingly, Bowden’s admission surprised many viewers, with one fan even creating a meme that captured their thoughts at the moment.

Perhaps the most discussed moment of the latest Love is blind there were episodes when Rodriguez and Bowden spoke candidly about abortion. The two discussed their timing for having children, with Rodriguez explaining that she has a higher chance of having a higher-risk pregnancy than women who have children at a younger age, given that she is now 31 years old. She then asked Bowden what he would do if he found out his baby had a birth defect and abortion was an option.

“I couldn’t f**k no,” he said.

Rodriguez, who works as a speech pathologist, told Bowden that because of her career, she has faced many different medical and educational challenges that inform her stance on abortion. When she asked Bowden if his views on abortion would change if the pregnancy was unplanned, he said “you can get one pass” for an unplanned pregnancy, “but you can’t do it again.”

Rodriguez said she does not believe it is possible to count the number of abortions, particularly in the case of non-consensual sex. Bowden agreed, but argued that an unplanned pregnancy between consensual partners was no justification for abortion.

While the pair seemed to appreciate each other’s different points of view, the scene didn’t seem to sit well with some fans.

“things the world didn’t need: Bartis’ views on abortion,” tweeted one viewer.

“Bartiz says women get one pass for abortion??? Are you a real sir?” another user said.

A third person wrote: “Bartiz thinks he can tell if and when a woman has an abortion and how many times she can, pisses me off … Nancy looks so awkward.”

The topic of abortion came up again when Bowden introduced Rodriguez to his parents, Robert and Penny, and sister, Amalia. When Bowden told his family about the different abortion views he shares with Rodriguez, his sister became emotional overhearing their conversation. Although Bowden’s mother said they feel “very strongly” about abortion, she could still understand where Rodriguez was coming from.

After watching the scene, one fan tweeted that “Bartiz has no business expressing Nancy’s views on abortion” in front of his family, despite “knowing they are clearly anti-abortion.”

At the end of episode seven, Bowden admits during his confessional that the physical attraction he once felt for Rodriguez “doesn’t exist for me anymore”. Now viewers will have to wait and see if Bartis Bowden and Nancy Rodriguez make it to their wedding day.

The third part Love is blind The third season premieres on Wednesday, November 2.