Almost a million drivers risk a £1,000 fine for non-renewed photocard licences, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) says.

After a Freedom of information (FOI) investigation Press AssociationThe DVLA found that since the end of August 2022, more than 900,000 people had cards that were out of date.

The same inquiry also found that about 2.5 million drivers renewed their cards after they expired or within 56 days of their expiration last year.

Here’s what you need to know to avoid a fine for this violation:

Who will be fined?

The number of people with expired photo cards was around two per cent of all UK drivers.

The small number of non-renewed licenses is expected to include those who stopped driving without notifying the DVLA.

Those who overdue the subscription will not be issued fines.

Additionally, those with an active renewal application can continue to drive as long as their previous license requirements are met.

The DVLA said it sends letters to registered drivers 56 days before their license expires. Many do not receive letters to the correct address because they do not notify the agency of their change of address.

How often do I have to renew my license?

Drivers are required by law to renew their photo card licenses every decade to ensure that the image accurately reflects the driver’s appearance.

After age 70, this increases to mandatory checks every three years.

Section 4b shows the expiration dates on the front of the cards.

DVLA regulations state that failure to return or renew an expired license can be punishable by a fine of up to £1,000 under the Road Traffic Act 1988.

A DVLA spokeswoman said: “We encourage customers to use GOV.UK as applying online is the quickest and cheapest way to renew your photo driving licence.

“If you stop driving completely, you should notify the DVLA and get your license back, not keep it as a form of outdated photo ID.”

Applications cost £14 with a five-day process and renewals by post are £17, while third-party sites may charge extra.

Completing a renewal form at the Post Office includes a fee of £4.50 for a new photograph, bringing the cost to £21.50.