RIncumbent Democratic star John Fetterman went head-to-head with the famous Dr. Mehmet Oz last night in one of the most anticipated US midterm debates.

Liberal Mr. Fetterman, who was recently hospitalized with a near-fatal stroke, suffered a major blow in Pennsylvania, potentially costing his party its best chance to flip a Republican Senate seat.

He was up against rival Dr. Oz, who is backed by Donald Trump, and there are just two weeks left before a crucial election that could either help or hinder President Joe Biden’s agenda for the next two years.

Mr. Fetterman’s stroke in May left the progressive lieutenant governor struggling with speech and hearing and forcing him to rely on closed captions projected over moderators during debates in Harrisburg.

At times, he struggled for words, repeated phrases and couldn’t finish his sentences during the excruciating 60-minute prime-time television appearance.

It could be a pivotal moment in the all-important race for a U.S. Senate seat that could decide control of the chamber.

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