Olly Mann and The Week delve into the headlines and discuss what really mattered over the past seven days.

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In this week’s episode we discuss:

Shopping second-hand

The second-hand market, now worth £6.5bn a year, is expected to double in the next five years. Obviously a combination of factors: environmental concerns, increased interest in vintage fashion, and of course the cost of living crisis. Is this trend to be welcomed or is it just a sign that people are feeling poorer. And will it go back when the economy improves?

Rugby on the rack

Wasps Rugby Club went into administration this week with the loss of hundreds of jobs, following Worcester Warriors, another top division team, which collapsed earlier this month. The loss of two top-flight clubs was a devastating blow to a sport struggling for its financial future. How did he end up in such a predicament – and is it the beginning of the end for professional rugby union?

Cheating contest

Pastimes as diverse as fishing, chess, poker, Irish dancing and Fat Bear Week – America’s competition to identify the bear that “best shows fatness” – have been dogged by allegations of cheating in recent weeks. In some cases the motives are financial, but in many others the stakes are much lower. What is behind these outbursts of dishonesty and what do they tell us about ourselves?