THIS medium-sized TikToker with big boobs came up with a hack for Shein clothes that don’t fit after a few failed tries.

Sometimes when you shop online, you find something that you think will look great on you, but you see it on your body and call it a failure.


A medium-sized busty TikToker tried on a Shein bodysuit and it didn’t work outAuthor: TikTok/v.busta.g
She shared a hack she uses to get rid of Shane's unwanted clothes


She shared a hack she uses to get rid of Shane’s unwanted clothesAuthor: TikTok/v.busta.g

Victoria Bustamente Garred, who goes by @v.busta.g on TikTok, had high expectations before showing off a black Shein bodysuit in video.

“I thought I would buy bodysuits this year.

“So, Mom, take all these bodysuits, wear them with skirts, with shorts,” Victoria said.

The TikToker then showed off a bodysuit.

Although this bodysuit could fit any woman, Victoria’s big boobs were popping out and her bra was showing.

“I can’t wear this,” she said.

Victoria was then shown trying to lift her bodysuit up to cover her bra, but she failed.

“I mean, it looks cute. I can wear it in my living room. That’s it.”

She added: “I won’t wear this to church.”

Luckily, Victoria has a trick to getting rid of Shayne’s clothes she doesn’t like without breaking the bank.

She explained that she buys a lot from Shane and if she doesn’t like something, she just sells it on Facebook Marketplace.

However, people in the comments section don’t understand why she won’t ditch the bodysuit, saying it looks “gorgeous” on her.

One person wrote: “Okay, not the church, but the girl who looks at you like fire.”

“Can’t see anything wrong with it, looks great,” said another person.

A third commented: “Keep it safe.”

Another busty TikToker shared hers Shein transportswhich was shared by The US Sun.

Some items were cute for a night out on the town, but one item was a big no-no.

Viewers thought she looked good in the bodysuit, even with her boobs spilling out


Viewers thought she looked good in the bodysuit, even if her boobs were spilling outAuthor: TikTok/v.busta.g