Life of the young for Heather Rae El Moussa I almost started with that foot.

A few minutes before walking down the aisle to meet the groom Tarek El Moussa, Sunset for sale the star thought her shoes were going to fall off. “I had a little moment of panic,” Heather recalled to E! News in an exclusive interview. “Tarek was wondering if I was going to come out or not.”

But when she finally turned the corner and looked at Flip or flop star, all cold feet are gone. Now, exactly one year later in Santa Barbara, California, the couple are celebrating their anniversary and looking forward to what’s next.

“We actually decided to combine our first anniversary with babymoon,” shared a pregnant Heather. “It’s very rare that we have a few days off while filming and we decided to stay here and enjoy the beauty of where we live. We go out together on our boat to just relax and be by the ocean.”

While Tarek is known for showering his wife with elaborate gifts for milestones, he’s staying tight-lipped about what could be in store this weekend. At the same time, dad to Taylor12 and Braden7, from Ave Christina Hall sings Heather’s praises quickly.