wen as left british (scottish) IndianI felt a rush of pride looking at the photos Rishi Sunak makes history with King Charles. There was no Sunak as a predictable, submissive subordinate. He was not Dr. Aziz in EM Forster’s A Trip to India. Sunak was there as the most powerful politician in the country, the prime minister. And in any case, he is so minted that he could lend the king a piece or two.

My Indian parents were delighted. I see there was a lot of excitement because they figured out how to put me on speakerphone. “Wonderful!” – exclaimed the father, who came here in the late sixties. “I would like to meet his mother…” Mom sighed with a mixture of delight and defeat. Every child of Indian parents feels the weight of acute disappointment. “I can’t believe he’s ONLY 42 … and SO fit! I mean, if HE can get on that spinning bike every day…” Dude, that’s brutal.

But it wasn’t just about making history, it was the fact that Sunak looked and sounded razor sharp on the podium outside Downing Street. It seems that for the first time in many years we have had neither pudding nor clown in Downing Street. There was a point where even people like me thought, “Damn… this guy could be really good.” And then he ruined it with his Cabinet reshuffles.

At first it looked promising. Keeping Jeremy Hunt as chancellor was sensible. The departure of others, including Jacob Rees-Mogg, made us think it was time to get serious. And then the news about it was rejected Suella Braverman was returning to the Home Office just six days after she admitted a serious security breach. You can’t declare professionalism and integrity and bring Braverman back.

This decision suddenly broke the spell. We all watched in disbelief. The Home Office needs a fine, serious mind, not a novelty from a far-right party obsessed with rounding up asylum seekers and taking them to Rwanda at great cost to the taxpayer, and which sees tofu as a topical smear against the woke. come on Kombucha or pea milk would be funny.

Braverman’s return shows that Sunak can’t be serious about grown government or growth because if you want it, you need more immigration. Sunak is clearly still in awe of all the people who have made the Tory party a laughing stock. Speaking of which, jaws dropped when it was announced that Gavin Williamson — the Frank Spencer of British politics — was back. Sunak could also bring back Nadine Dorries and Chris Grayling. Bringing back the old faces who defended Boris Johnson will only remind people of all the lies and partying.

Sunak started with competence and integrity. But after 24 hours nothing has changed. He may have assembled a band, but he seems to have forgotten that they are being booed off the stage.

In other news…


The Spitting Image revival has been canceled by streaming service BritBox after two series. Comedian and voice of Donald Trump and Boris Johnson Matt Forde (above) took umbrage at the fact that the show had to be on a major channel in prime time and raised concerns about satire on television.

I share his concern. There is a concern that you are too outspoken about the government even on news programmes, let alone satire shows, because politicians seek revenge either by threatening future funding or, in the case of Channel Four, trying to sell it.

Good satire is needed now more than ever. Humor and ridicule are often the best way to break the egos on all sides of politics and cut through the stupidity. If anyone wants to book a show hosted by a woman, you know where to find me.