The headmaster of an Oldham academy has been accused of taunting ‘chavs’, posting racial comments and calling a pupil ‘Jabba the whore’ in a series of now-deleted tweets which went viral.

Rachel Hallam heads Oldham North Academy and is accused of posting a series of offensive tweets before working at the school, but when she was a teacher elsewhere.

The trust, which runs the school, confirmed it is aware of the allegations, takes “any allegations of discrimination seriously” and is looking into them.

The inappropriate comments, in which Ms Hallam appears to have mocked ‘chavs’, called someone a ‘big s**t’ and called a pupil ‘Jabba the whore’, were made between 2011 and 2012.

Ms Hallam’s tweets and account were deleted last week when the allegations spread on social media.

But screenshots of the tweets remain and are widely shared on TikTok and Facebook.

In one of the tweets, Ms. Hallam appears to have mocked so-called “chavs” as uneducated.

The message read: “We can throw things at the chav, a classic example of no GCSE.”

Another post revealed that when she was a teacher, she called a student “Jabba the whore.”

Responding to a separate post by Jamila Jamil, in which the celebrity said ‘Jabba the slut’ was ‘the best name I’ve ever heard’, Ms Hallam said: ‘We used to call a girl that at school. I am a teacher.”

Meanwhile, other comments show Ms Hallam calling someone a “s**t, huge s**t”, while two separate posts make comments about race.

One tweet read: “Who is that black kid in Angela’s photo?” to which Ms Hallam replied: “Er, it’s Fabrice Muamba.”

Ms Hallam also tweeted in response to someone else: “But Dale, you’re black.”

The context in which these tweets were posted is no longer visible when the conversation thread has been deleted.

However, according to the TikTok account that shared the tweets, teachers should be aware of their “digital footprint”.

A spokesman for E-ACT said: “We are aware of allegations of historical social media activity by staff at one of our academies prior to their employment with us.

“We take any allegations of discrimination seriously.

“We are reviewing the material that has come to our attention and will process it through our normal internal processes.”