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Canadians are likely to want a Cole Caufield the extension will appear below Nick Suzuki

Sportsnet’s Eric Engels: Deciding what the eight-year contract extension between the Montreal Canadiens and Cole Cofield will look like is not easy. Sources say that there have been no official talks yet.

The Canadiens will likely want it below Nick Suzuki’s $7.875 million cap hit.

The salary cap could rise by $4 million next season as players pay off what’s owed, and could top $90 million in a few years.

Jason RobertsonA four-year, $7.75 million deal might be comparable.

If forward Sean Monaghan continues to play well for the Canadiens, they could extend his contract. They could also move him at the trade deadline.

Las Vegas owner Bill Foley on the salary cap and trade deadline

Jesse Granger of The Athletic: From an interview with Vegas Golden Knights owner Bill Foley when he was asked about the $4 million salary cap increase and how that might change their plans if they get more cap space.

“It gives us an opportunity to go out and get maybe another really quality forward. We’re great in the middle (centre), but we could use a bit more depth in terms of forwards, especially the top nine. Our defense is great. We have really good players and they have signed for a long time. I feel like we’re in a great place.

We had to suffer through it for a couple of years. I checked with (salary cap specialist Andrew Lugerner) and (director of hockey operations Tom Porashka) the other day and asked, ‘How much cap do we have?’

Sixteen bucks. We’ve got 16 bucks in the cap.’

Foley on whether he thinks they’ll have an exciting trade deadline this year.

“Well, you start building up the space over the course of a year. I don’t see us being very active. We’ve made some big splashes in the past, with Mark Stone and trading for Eichel last year. So I think if we did something, it would be more than $3 million. Somewhere down on that level. It would probably also be a forward that can help us get to the playoffs.”