The Los Angeles Kings are now favorites over the Ottawa Senators to land Yaakov Chykhrun?

Sports network: Jeff Marek on 32 thoughts on Arizona Coyotes quarterback Jakob Chicruno.

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“So Yaakov Chikhrun. Talk about the totalizer continues. The Arizona Coyotes linebacker is currently with the team, but not playing. It will likely be another couple of weeks until we see Jakob Chicrun play with the Coyotes. It’s a wrist injury.

Now, look, the Arizona Coyotes want to trade Jakob Chicrun. Yakov Chihrun also asked for trade. The price for a defender remains high. That’s essentially the equivalent of two first-round picks, plus. So it will be a combination of prospects, picks and players.

The coyotes were in Ottawa during the day, as we all know. It’s not like the Ottawa senators, although there have been some conversations between them, don’t want to let go Shane Pinto or Ridley Greig or Jake Sanderson or anyone like that.

So, as Elliott reported, it doesn’t seem like they’re on track, but you look at other teams that have depth prospects and maybe need someone like Jacob Czychrun, I think we’re all starting to wonder more and more about the Los Angeles Kings.

Jack Rathbone returns to the lineup but can he stay or will they have to make a decision on him

Sports network: Elliot Friedman on 32 thoughts on Vancouver Canucks defenseman Jack Rathbown.

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“Well, you know how I feel about Rathbone. The greatest number three to wear for the Canucks Kevin Bieksa. He’s about to make his season debut, and look, there’s nothing nefarious about it. The Canucks fielded their best lineup they thought they could beat, but Rathbone didn’t play.

I think Vancouver knew that if he didn’t get in, the situation was going to come to a head and a decision would have to be made about his future.

So hopefully Rathbone will stay in the lineup. (no need??) to worry about that, but I think everyone was worried about what would happen if he didn’t make the squad.”

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