She continued: “Thank you for loving me for all that I am, protecting my heart and supporting me every day. You have made me a better woman in so many ways. More confident, stronger and showed me that true love really exists. I love you incredibly much. Best friends and soul mates forever. I and you. One life is not enough time with you. Love your bunny.”

Tarek and Sunset for sale the star celebrated her anniversary with a pair of training sessions. “She makes me go to the gym,” Tarek, who was sitting next to Heather in the car, said in a video she shared on her Instagram Stories. The mom-to-be replied, “He makes me go to the gym,” to which the husband said, “Fifty-fifty.”

Heather said they planned to “take it easy” later. Tarek said, “That’s all we do. We’ll go practice and then nothing.”