The sortie comes at that time Duchess of Sussex faces backlash from former colleagues and TV presenters for comments she made about her Spotify Archetypes Podcast with guest Paris Hilton. In the episode, titled Breaking Down the Bimbo, Meghan opened up about her time working on TV show Deal or No Deal and said the series “reduced her to a bimbo”.

Meghan Markle was seen strolling through the Pier La Fonda market, an upscale shopping destination, where she also dined at nearby Santa Barbara.

The shopping area is located in Montecito, where the royal lives with her husband Prince Harry and children Archie and Lilibeth.

She was carrying a shopping bag from Wendy Foster, an upscale women’s clothing store specializing in athletic goods.

The Duchess wore a brimmed hat, sunglasses, flat sandals and a strapless black top with an olive jumper tied around the shoulders.

She was accompanied by a friend wearing a white cap, a bright green jumper and ripped jeans.

In the latest episode of her podcast, Meghan Markle revealed why she left the TV show Deal or No Deal in 2006, saying: “I ended up leaving the show. I was so much more than what was objectified on stage.”

She told guest Paris Hilton that the experience made her feel “unintelligent” and added that she didn’t like “feeling like you have to look good and not have much substance.”

Also in the same episode, the Duchess of Sussex added that she wished her daughter Lilibeth’s goals would “strive a little higher.”

The royal said: “Yes, I want my Lily to want to be educated, intelligent and proud of those things.”

However, the Duchess added that she was grateful for the job as one of her first roles, saying: “Even though ‘Deal or No Deal’ wasn’t about acting, I was still very grateful as an actress auditioning. for a job that could pay for my work. accounts. I had an income, I was in a union, I had health insurance. It was great.”

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Some former “Deal or No Deal” cast members have spoken out after the podcast aired and defended the show.

Alik Boggan, model, fashion designer and fitness expert, said: “I was there from the very first episode and I loved every minute of it. It was a great job and a great opportunity.

“There was an emphasis on us girls looking our best, but this is show business — the beauty industry — and that didn’t bother me at all.

“I never felt uncomfortable and I never felt that there was anything inappropriate about it. I was grateful for a good salary and good working conditions. I look back on it fondly.”

Another former colleague, Lisa Glive, a model, presenter and actress, said she was “blessed and lucky to be in this”.

She added: “I’ve never looked at it as a show that objectifies women. The cast and crew treated us very well. It was a professional set. For many of us, it was a stepping stone in our careers and we went on to greater things.”

Ms Gleave said that although the show “was decided around beautiful women”, they were all “clever and intelligent women and no one treated us like fools”.

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Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan, who also worked on Deal or No Deal, shared stories about the podcast on her Instagram.

She wrote: “To be clear – yes, being on a modeling show doesn’t necessarily depend on your intelligence, but for each show, the executive producers chose five models with the most outgoing and fun personalities to put the microphones on, who they knew would attract with contestants.

“And Deal or No Deal, we were never treated like fools. We’ve had so many opportunities because of this show.”

Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of The View, criticized Meghan Markle’s comments on the podcast and said: “When you’re a performer, you take a gig.

“You take a gig. Sometimes you’re in a Bozo suit, sometimes you have a big nose, and that’s just the way it is.’

She added: “We are not journalists. We are actors. We’re trying to get somewhere else.”