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Almost every industry has seen a huge paradigm shift in the last couple of years. Some of the more universal implications include prioritizing more remote virtual systems and increasing risk and overall volatility. As the industry continues to change, many industry players understandably remain cautious about many market decisions.

Consulting firms, which can span industries ranging from management, trading and investing to even sports handicapping and gaming, have been under particular pressure to adapt to this universal trick. On the one hand, digitalization business has dramatically lowered barriers to entry as well as reduced operating costs for many such firms. With digital routes as a widely accepted alternative, firms can also access a much larger market of potential customers.

However, a side effect of this is a heavy influx of low-quality and even fraudulent consulting firms. Such companies often focus on promises of unrealistic results and suspiciously high success rates to attract customers.

When starting their own consulting firm, brothers Zain and Farhaz Kheraj decided to first solve what they believed to be the main challenges they would face in today’s market: how to build trust between the firm and the client in the world where transactions and conversations often take place without personal contact? And how can their startup firm stand out as a trusted brand in a highly competitive and unregulated industry?

They came up with one answer to both questions: transparency.

Their sports betting consultancy firm, TMS Sports consulting, was designed with that answer in mind at every turn. Kheraj brothers ensured that everything from the name of the company, which is deciphered TrustMySystemso that their entire brand reflects their ideal, which puts transparency at the forefront and at the heart of building customer trust.

Proud to be one of the best transparent sports advisors Instagram, a commitment to integrity and trust is evident in every part of their brand.

ZAin Kheraj believes that anyone who knows how sports betting works should know that losing in this industry is inevitable. He said: “Before we set up TMS, we noticed how so many services were trying to trick customers by claiming they were ‘best in the industry’.

“They were often accompanied by evidence of unrealistically high success rates. However, we noticed that each other sports the analytics account is really that they will skip posting their losing days and only post their winning days,” he added.

Farhaz Kheraj says regarding the beginning TMS: “When we started, there were only a few big names in the industry and most of them were not posting losses. We wanted to be different by addressing the problem directly. When we started our Instagram, we were one of the first to post ALL of our wins and losses. We then challenged the entire industry by promoting ourselves as the only 100% transparent team on Instagram.”

This approach will eventually affect the entire industry. Zain Kheraj shares, “Many startups now have bios similar to ours, and we’ve also noticed that their Instagram layouts are mimicking ours. We’ve actually changed the entire industry by becoming 100% transparent.”

In addition to making waves with their entrance, TrustMySystem quickly proved they could walk the walk with a breakout Major League Baseball season in 2017, followed by their historic National football Launch of the league in 2018. The founders say: “We have never been afraid to publicize our losses because we have always been confident that we will succeed in the long run. In this industry, it’s a given that you’re going to lose; what matters is how you recover from a loss. Fortunately, TMS was founded and continues to be run by people with good instincts and solid betting and forecasting experience.”

Today, TMS is one of the most professional and reliable sports advisory services you can find on Instagram. Beyond basic transparency, the company is known for its attention to detail, professionalism and close attention to customer service.

Ultimately, a consulting firm’s ability to build successful client relationships determines how successful they will be. While achieving good results will certainly be one of the most important methods of attracting clients, the value of a good working relationship through trust cannot be underestimated. When it comes to TMS, Zain Kheraj and Farhaz Kheraj never promise perfection or lightning-fast returns—just that people can trust TMS where it matters.

As part of the firm’s ongoing efforts to build trust, the Kheraj brothers are also spearheading innovations that they hope will once again transform the sports consulting industry. With a solid team and an equally strong base of customers who have learned to trust TrustMySystem completely, the firm is now working on expanding its activities on other social media platforms and developing its own mobile application. They hope this will work to better connect their existing network and reach more potential customers.

As Zain Kheraj says, “At TMS, we don’t look at our customers as just another dollar in our pocket. We want to create longevity. The only way to do that is to ensure quality and credibility every step of the way.”

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