To further support hybrid workers, Cisco Webex is rolling out major updates to its Webex suite, including new features for flexible working, a partnership with Microsoft, a brand new whiteboard app, and features that help improve security and manageability.

The new capabilities were announced Tuesday at WebexOne’s annual conference. Speaking at a media roundtable, Jitu Patel, general manager of security and collaboration at Cisco, said that despite the fact that most companies have been operating in hybrid mode for a long time, there is still a frequent disconnection problem that arises without being in the same physical space as your colleagues.

“The reality is that this problem cannot be solved in isolation,” he said. “It’s no longer just a technical problem, it has a cultural aspect.”

While workers need to be aware of how they behave and interact with each other in hybrid meetings for remote and on-premise staff, Patel said organizations also need to be aware that there is a space and room configuration aspect to addressing this issue.

“What we’ve seen is that this requires a holistic solution,” Patel said.

Rethinking the workspace

Most of the new capabilities that Cisco has added to its Webex platform fall under the umbrella of what the company describes as “reimagining” the workplace.

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