Improves the ability of development, SRE and IT teams to proactively optimize cloud and digital experiences

Today, Dynatrace announced that it has extended the validity period Davis® AI engine to empower development, SRE and IT teams to perform ad hoc research analytics. This allows teams to use power Causal AI Dynatrace to investigate new trends or block potential issues such as unexpected traffic spikes or performance degradation. This enhancement builds on the existing capabilities of the Davis engine, including automatic and continuous full-stack monitoring, processing trillions of dependencies in real-time, and providing accurate answers and intelligent automation from data. As a result, teams can further optimize their applications and infrastructure and avoid issues long before they become issues that affect customers to ensure their digital services are flawless and secure.

“We rely on Dynatrace to ensure that our applications are available 24/7, and the Davis AI platform engine is particularly important to that effort,” said Alex Hibbitt, director of SRE at albelli-Photobox Group. “The insights we get from Davies are game-changers for our teams because they prioritize business impact and detail the exact root cause of what’s impacting the performance of our digital services. Extending Davis for more experimental, on-demand analytics will allow us to optimize our environment and block performance issues that could ultimately impact our customers. This helps us avoid fire drills and ensure that our clouds and customers are always optimized.”

“Our Davis AI engine was purpose-built to help organizations navigate the complexities of today’s cloud and deliver an optimal user experience,” said Steve Tuck, SVP of Product Management at Dynatrace. “By extending Davis to provide on-demand investigative analytics, Dynatrace is well positioned in the market to enable development, SRE and IT teams to analyze any observability signal at any time using deterministic artificial intelligence. It provides a more detailed and comprehensive analysis of complex cloud environments, allowing teams to spend more time innovating.”

This enhancement to the Dynatrace platform will be publicly available within 30 days of this announcement. For more information, please visit Dynatrace Blog.

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Dynatrace (NYSE: DT ) exists to make the world’s software work perfectly. Our unified intelligence software platform combines broad and deep monitoring capabilities and continuous application security at runtime with the most advanced AIOs to enable answers and intelligent automation from data at scale. It enables innovators to modernize and automate cloud operations, deliver software faster and more securely, and deliver seamless digital experiences. That’s why the world’s largest organizations trust the Dynatrace® platform to accelerate their digital transformation.

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Dynatrace Extends its Davis AI Engine to Enable Ad Hoc, Exploratory Analytics