<p>I’m a celebrity.  Get Me Out of Here!: Radio X DJ Chris Moyles is the first star of the popular ITV show</p>
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I’m a celebrity. Get Me Out of Here!: Radio X DJ Chris Moyles is the first star of the popular ITV show

Popular radio host Chris Moyles is the first “confirmed” star for this year’s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here show! with Boy George and Sean Walsh also rumored to be joining. The Radio X presenter flew into Brisbane Airport on Tuesday.

According to The Mirror, he added: “I have absolutely no idea what my family and friends will think of me doing a show like I’m a celebrity. I never asked them. But I think they’ll be a lot more nervous about me doing Antiques Roadshow.”

Asked how he was going to survive among the spiders and snakes, the former Radio 1 DJ said: “There’s plenty of everything in this country, like sport and beer, and I’m not afraid of sport or beer. So I think I’ll be fine.”

According to the reports, I’m a celebrity, get me out of here! The Chiefs have been trying to sign Moyless for years, but he felt this year was the right time. Speaking about last year’s show with Vernon Kaye, Moyless said: “I just wouldn’t have been good on I’m a Celebrity because last week we had our niece Tiff and we took her to Go Ape, you know, the high adventure place trees?

“I touched myself and realized that I was more afraid of heights than I actually thought, and I knew that I was afraid of heights.”

The new series, which is expected to air on ITV on November 6, marks the 20th anniversary of the show’s descent into the spooky Australian jungle. Other celebrities rumored to be joining the adventure include Culture Club frontman Boy George, comedian Sean Walsh and TOWIE’s Olivia Attwood.

Earlier this year, Ant & Dec took to Twitter to announce the release of the All Stars show. The duo revealed that the series will be special as he will star in it South Africa and will be released in 2023.