Welcome to Betway betting day! All bids are for one unit unless otherwise stated.

Our first bet of the day will take Leon Draisaitl will have more than 2.5 shots on goal. This line is at +115.

Plus odds on one of the best shooters in the NHL? I’ll take that any day of the week. Dreiseitl averaged 3.5 shots on goal in three of six games this season.

These two teams met last weekend and Dreiseitl ended the game with three hits, but I like the spot for him tonight. The Blues are without Brendan Saad in their squad, so they were forced to make a change.

Look for Dreiseitl to come out shooting tonight.

Our second rate of the day will take Steven Stamkos will have over 3.5 shots on goal. This line is on even money (+100) and it’s a 2 unit game for me.

Stamkos is off to a great start to his season with seven goals and nine points in seven games. He’s shooting the puck more often than ever, averaging 3.29 shots on goal per game, and Stamkos

The Lightning face an Anaheim Ducks team that allows a league-worst 40.5 shots on goal per hour, so this is a great place for Stamkos to stay hot.

Record: 16-10-0 (+5.87u)