Number 10 Downing Street is an unforgiving address.

At 10.15 this morning, Liz Truss said goodbye to her family without emotion.

There was no apology for the chaos that cut her time here short.

Literally two hours later, Rishi Sunak appeared alone in front of a black door to thank his predecessors and then blame them for the state we are in, a state that also allowed him to become Prime Minister.

He spoke clearly and earnestly about the need to right the wrongs, rebuild trust and reboot compassion, the broom that comes in after a mess.

He said he would fill each day with hope, but he didn’t wonder how to do it.

He stripped his cabinet of some loyalists, but retained a brand new chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, and resurrected Suella Braverman as home secretary.

So is it a government of all talents or a government of all factions?