A Russian plane turned into a fireball after crashing into a house (Photo: Reuters/East2West)

A Russian fighter jet crashed into a house on a residential street in Siberia, killing both pilots.

Governor Igor Kobzev said that the plane crashed into a two-story house in the remote city of Irkutsk, but no one on the ground was injured.

RussiaThe US Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that the Su-30 fighter jet crashed during a training flight and crashed into a wooden building, causing a huge fire.

Footage shows firefighters desperately trying to put out the blaze before it spreads to other homes.

The crash was the second of its kind in six days and came less than a week after another Russian warplane crashed crashed near a residential building in the port of Yeisk on the Sea of ​​Azov.

Although the pilot managed to deploy the ejection seat and parachute to safety, the plane exploded with a giant ballide, killing 15 and injuring 19 more.

Both pilots were killed in the crash, but the occupants were not injured, authorities said (Photo: AP)
Huge flames spread to nearby houses (Image: East2West)

The Su-34 is a fighter-bomber that is piloted by two pilots and is often deployed to engage ground targets.

They have been used frequently by Russian forces in Ukraine since the beginning of the conflict, and are responsible for numerous bombings of civilian buildings.

According to Air Forces Monthly, there have been two other Su-34 crashes this year that were not related to enemy fire.

Open Source Intelligence Analysis Oryx has documented at least 16 additional Su-34 bombers that have been lost by Russian forces since their first invasion of Ukraine nearly eight months ago.

A Russian pilot ejected before his fighter jet crashed near a residential building in Yeisk last week (Photo: AP)

Both attacks took place in dozens of Ukrainian cities plunged into darkness on the eve of a series of attacks on energy infrastructure, as a result of which Kyiv lost up to a third of its power plants.

This week, as a result of missile strikes by Russian bombers, power outages occurred in some areas of the capital, in the Zhytomyr region west of the capital, and in the Dnieper.

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky – said the Russian leader Vladimir Putin continued to bully the country into terrorizing and killing civilians.

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Russian fighter jet crashes into house killing two people