Internet users, especially those using Facebook, are being warned about a number of scams. Scammers are using the cost-of-living crisis to win over good-hearted people.

The latest message to trigger the alert is from a woman who lives in Kent and claims she doesn’t have enough money to buy her 10-year-old a Christmas present this year.

Everything looks completely authentic, although the beautiful bouquet of flowers and sofa in the background also looks good.

After further investigation, keen internet users discovered that the same woman had made an almost identical post around the same time last year when she was living in Birmingham. The family originally came from Jamaica in 2002.

Even the BBC fell in love with the sob story when they were published on the BBC website last year. You can find the story here.

There are also a number of “charities” asking for money to feed people who haven’t eaten in weeks. People are told to do their research before handing out money.