The snake was discovered with an overgrown belly in a forest area of ​​Indonesia (Photo: ViralPress)

A grandmother’s worst fears have been confirmed after her remains were found inside a 22ft snake in Indonesia.

Her grim death at the hands of a monster python came to light after villagers cut open the snake’s bulging belly.

The family of 54-year-old Jahra became worried last week after she disappeared while picking rubber on a plantation in Jambi province.

It is believed that she was probably swallowed whole after being bitten and strangled to death.

Villagers in the Tanjung Jabung Barat region are now tense after several other giant reticulated pythons were spotted in the area.

After she did not return last Friday night, relatives called the emergency services, who began searching the woods.

On Sunday morning, horrified local residents discovered a huge snake stretched out in a clearing with a bulging belly.

Grim photos and videos show their fears confirmed when they cut open the animal and discover the remains of the petite grandmother curled up inside.

Crowds of residents with machetes and sticks were seen at the scene.

The footage shows one man hitting the reptile with a stick before it was trapped.

The chopped remains of the animal were then put in a bag, covered with a tarpaulin.

Anto, head of Terjun Gajah village where Jahra lived, said the snake is believed to have attacked Jahra by biting her and then wrapping itself around her to strangle her.

54-year-old Jahr was pulled out of the snake’s stomach (Photo: ViralPress)
Villagers in Jambi province cut a snake (Photo: ViralPress)

She was then eaten in a grim ordeal that would have taken at least two hours from head to toe.

The official added: “Residents killed the snake and cut out the contents of its stomach.

“Everyone was surprised.

“It turns out that the woman we were looking for was in the snake’s stomach.”

Anto said none of the residents witnessed Jahra being eaten by a snake when she went to the garden alone.

There is concern in the area after a number of other large pythons were found (Image: ViralPress)
The animal was found in a forest in Tanjung Jabung Barat region (Photo: ViralPress)

He said that the atmosphere in his village is now tense because several giant pythons have been seen in the village.

Earlier, residents tried to catch the snake, which was longer, said to be about 27 feet in size.

But its sheer size meant they couldn’t capture it.

Anto continued, “Earlier there were three people who found and tried to catch a 27-foot long snake but failed.

“The villagers are now worried that there are still bigger snakes in the forest.

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Rishi licked his lips during the Prime Minister’s “empty” speech in a gesture of “self-satisfaction”.

“The presence of this giant snake also swallowed two goats.”

Indonesia is home to a large population of giant reticulated pythons that live in remote forests and feed on wild animals and occasionally humans.

In March 2017 Akbar Salubir was carved from the stomach of a python after being eaten alive on the Indonesian island of West Sulawesi.

In July of this year Two small dogs were found inside the python’s stomach in Thailand.

Meanwhile, in the UK earlier this month a a woman woke up to find a three-foot corn snake trying to get into her bedroom.

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Villagers cut open huge 22ft python to find missing grandma inside