Sales surge puts The Very Group on course for ‘£4bn float’: retailer praises ‘robust results’

The Very Group hailed “solid performance” as it prepares for a long-awaited stock market rally.

Led by actress Michelle Keegan, the company, which sells clothing, shoes, electronics, furniture and gifts, is owned by the Barkley family.

An IPO that could value it at £4bn is believed to be planned for the middle of next year and will be the first time Barclays has taken a flagship company public.

Very Group, led by actress Michelle Keegan (pictured modeling clothes from her own Very collection), is owned by the Barkley family

The business behind and is strengthening its leadership team, including appointing Lionel Deskley as chief executive and Dirk Van den Berghe as chairman.

In the year to July, group sales fell from record levels a year earlier, boosted by a boom in online shopping fueled by the lockdown.

But Weary said total sales were still up 4.8 percent from pre-pandemic levels of £1.8 billion. Profits rose 2.2 per cent year-on-year to £63.9m.

Finance boss Ben Fletcher claimed Very had been “here for millions of families” for a year.