A TIKTOKER has shared a mind-blowing method for making perfect pasta in just five minutes using a popular kitchen item that isn’t a pot, but it’s not in the comments.

Thomas Truths has over 20,000 followers on TikTok, where he posts hacks and skits.


The TikToker says the best way to make pasta is to put it in a kettle for five minutes instead of a panCredit: TIKTOK/thomastruths

This is a video left comments divided as Thomas claimed to have the best way to cook the perfect plate of pasta every time.

Instead of using a pot, Thomas uses a kettle to boil the pasta.

To make it all fit, Thomas breaks the spaghetti in half before putting it in the kettle.

He cooks the pasta for five minutes and drains the water as soon as it’s done.

After that, he puts the pasta on a plate to put the sauce and other ingredients on it.

Thomas ends the 15-second clip with a thumbs up.

“Thank me later,” he wrote in a caption with a plate of spaghetti emoji.

However, the comments don’t seem to agree with Thomas’ hack.

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“Brother, no, just no…”, one person wrote.

“How dare you call this ‘perfect spaghetti,'” wrote another.

“My man is illegal.”

The only seemingly positive comment came from one person who wrote: “It looks good, but I won’t be doing it.”

However, the comments disagreed with him and many called him out


However, the comments disagreed with him and many called him outCredit: TIKTOK/thomastruths