British fans continue to wait for an explanation from featherweight Conor Benn after an investigation into his failed drugs test was launched.

Nine days ago, the BBBofC issued a statement saying: “Following the decision of the British Boxing Board of Control on October 4, 2022 to ban the contest between Chris Eubank Jr. and Connor Benn, scheduled to take place on 8 October 2022, the Board is aware that it has been widely reported in the press that the ‘A’ sample submitted by Mr Benn to the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association tested positive for a Prohibited Substance.

“The United Kingdom Anti-Doping Agency (UKAD) has opened an investigation into Mr Benn. The council is liaising with UKAD in relation to this investigation.’

Chris Algieri speaks out about Connor Benn

It comes after former opponent Chris Algieri said he was told before meeting the Brit in Liverpool last December that Benn was not a clean fighter.

“Initial thoughts? Not surprised, not surprised,” Algieri told Jomboy Boxing.

“I heard around the time I fought him that he wasn’t a clean fighter. I like to give fighters the benefit of the doubt.

“It’s about competition. I don’t want to take away from anyone who steps into that squared circle. This is the most dangerous thing you can do. I respect every fighter who steps into the ring. I have no respect for cheaters.

“When I hear it, it really touches me. This hits home. Again, not surprised. Hearing this did not shock me. It shocked me because he was caught. It didn’t shock me because it’s reality.

The 38-year-old explained why he was happy to go ahead with the fight against Ben after hearing his opponent could have an unfair and potentially dangerous advantage.

“I have beaten unclean fighters before. I used to beat guys who cheated and I was always ready to do it again,” Algieri added.

Dr. Connor Benn

Algieri also credited the doctor who worked with Ben before taking down his website and social media the day news broke of Chris Eubank Jr.’s fight week setback.

On Saturday, Oct. 8, Benn was scheduled to fight Eubank in the middleweight division at 157 pounds.

The event was canceled despite promoters wanting it to run for more than 24 hours.

The American said: “Could you imagine listening to this ‘doctor’ talk and thinking that his ‘care’ is worth your time, money and career?

“Young fighters and your teams need to be more vigilant. Homeboy doesn’t pass the sniff test by a mile.”

Once in the ring with Manny Pacquiao, Algieri was a seasoned former champion when he faced Ben. However, he was blasted in four rounds.

Preparing for the Liverpool show

The main card headliner is now shrouded in controversy after Algieri gave his thoughts on the previousto fight the information he received and his fight night experience at the M and S Bank Arena.

“It didn’t matter to me at the time because I thought I would be fighting soon. I am preparing for a fight with this man,” said the ex-WBO champion.

“It is, but in retrospect it’s not the smartest thing to do because when you’re preparing for a fight, your mind is busy.

“When I was fighting in Liverpool I was amazed at how little official control there was during fight week and in the dressing room. To be honest, it was scary,” he added.

“No one was watching me [give a urine sample] or watched my hands being wrapped. I got the impression that it is very easy to cheat.

“Of course, not the kind of neglect I used to fight for in the States. Especially in New York, where the commission is at the highest level.”

Algeri joined another of Ben’s enemies in Chris Van Heerden to question the validity of their losses.

Where is Ben’s explanation?

Ben now faces the uphill task of rebuilding his reputation, as the longer it takes for him to fully speak out on the matter, the worse it is for the Londoner.

He has hired a lawyer to oversee his case as Ben continues to lose fan support in his native UK.

Carl Bristow tweeted: “After watching him against Payneau, I thought he would be a gambler’s dream.

“Too hyped a name to make money off of.” He was so poor. Then he came back a completely changed boxer with power and speed.

“He was looking at another level. Unrecognizable, I would say.’

@19KhanIm added: “They were good morning in Britain the week of the fight knowing Conor failed the drug test and keeping it quiet.

“They hid it until they had no choice because Mail Sport broke the story and told us everything. It’s really crazy.”

WBN was expecting something from Ben’s team last week. Hopefully this week there will be a concrete outline of the events that have taken place.

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