Organizers Arma, Banbridge and Craigavon Tip: The festival starts at 8pm at Craigavon ​​Lakes, near the new South Lakes Leisure Center in Craigavon ​​Town Park.

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The Portadown firm is the drop-off area for this year’s Christmas shoe appeal

The countdown to the Creatures of the Night Halloween fireworks display at Craigavon ​​Lakes begins on Thursday 27 October.

You can also join in the spooky fun at the Rushfear Festival at Rushmere Shopping Centre, which hosts a range of events on Thursdays, including a magic show, fun and games, a disco and a special lantern parade from the mall to the nearby fireworks display. lakes

Lord Mayor Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon ​​Councilor Paul Greenfield is urging families to have a fun and safe Halloween.

Speaking at the “Creatures of the Night” presentation Fireworks The spectacular event, which will take place on Thursday 27 October in South Lake, the Lord Mayor said: “Halloween is great fun, especially for children and young people who enjoy dressing up, trick or treating and playing Halloween games, but it is also important keeping the safety of our more vulnerable residents and pets in mind at this time of year.

Some events at Rushmere Shopping Center in Craigavon ​​for Halloween.

“Fireworks, fancy dress and bonfires are all part of the Halloween celebration and cause such excitement, but at the same time there are very real dangers that need to be considered.”

Fireworks and sparklers can be beautiful, but they can also be extremely dangerous. Children using sparklers should be closely supervised at all times and fireworks should only be purchased from licensed dealers.

When it comes to fancy dress costumes, always check the label to make sure they are CE or UKCA marked. Any costume can burn quickly if accidentally ignited by contact with an open flame, so make sure children stay away from open flames such as a lit candle or open fire.

Campfires are extremely dangerous when lit near homes and other property – with the potential for serious harm and other serious consequences – so it’s important to explain the dangers of campfires to children and young adults as we approach Halloween.

“There’s a lot of fun to be had this Halloween and with a little thought we can ensure it’s safe for everyone,” added the Lord Mayor.

“I would also suggest that you think about those in our community who may find this time of year very scary and unsettling, and keep an eye out for those neighbors who may need extra support. Family pets also need extra care at Halloween as they can be very sensitive to noise, so remember to keep them indoors where possible.’

There are many organized and supervised events planned throughout the area, including the fabulous Creatures of the Night fireworks display at South Lake, making it the best way to have a fun and safe Halloween for everyone. For more information on fireworks, Click here