“Bejeweled” music video, are you ready for it?

Taylor Swift put the audience in a lavender haze by showing that both CHAIM and Laura Dern featured in her music video for “Bejeweled” during a performance on October 24 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

As Taylor explained, the video, which will be released at midnight on Oct. 25, will take viewers through “a little twist on the Cinderella story,” with the Chaim sisters playing stepsisters and Laura playing the stepmother.

As for how the “Enchanted” singer got Laura involved, it just begs the question.

Taylor explained: “I said, ‘Oscar winner Laura Dern, hello. I wrote the script. It’s a one-scene scenario where you’re going to call me a “tired, sticky girl” and she’s like, “I’m down.

The 32-year-old shared that Laura is “the coolest” and managing her was “easier than anything I’ve ever done in my life.”