Rishi Sunak has been confirmed as the next leader of the Conservative Party.

Mr Sunak’s appointment was made official after his only remaining challenger, Penny Mordaunt, failed to secure the 100 MP nominations she needed to take the contest to an online vote by party members.

At the same time, 42-year-old Sunak will become the second youngest Prime Minister of Great Britain. He is a year younger than Tony Blair and David Cameron, who entered Downing Street at the age of 43.

Only William Pitt the Younger, who became prime minister aged 24 in 1783, was younger than Mr Sunack.

Mr Sunak also becomes the first non-white Prime Minister.

Mr. Sunak is 57 years oldthousand man will serve as prime minister, succeeding 47-year-old Liz Truss, who will soon have the honor of being the shortest-ever prime minister.

Mr Sunak’s victory came after a tense lunch break in Westminster during which supporters of Penny Mordaunt suggested they had the numbers of 100 MPs needed to win a party vote in the contest. One of Penny Mordaunt’s supporters, Heather Wheeler MP, appeared on Sky News just twenty minutes before nominations closed to claim Penny Mordaunt had the numbers.

In the summer, a YouGov poll on July 19 showed that in a direct vote between the pair, 51% of Conservative Party members would back Ms Mordaunt, compared to 37% for Mr Sunak.

Over the past 32 years, around 6 of the last 8 UK Prime Ministers have entered Downing Street following an election or an intra-party leadership contest. Only two, David Cameron and Tony Blair, have taken the reins of power after a public vote in a general election. The Labor Party has now called on Mr Sunak to win his own mandate by calling a general election.

Among his first tasks, Mr. Sunak will have to appoint his own cabinet. Given that he has not committed to spending 3% of GDP on defense, attention will soon turn to appointing a defense minister. The current president, Ben Wallace, is very popular among members of the Conservative Party. However, he noted that any failure to meet the 3% target would mean resignation.