Don’t even think about tearing those shakers down

If you feel brave enough to make a nick Virgin Atlantic iconic salt and pepper shakers from one of their flights, they have a message for you.

The popular airline took to Twitter to share that the tableware has been given a bit of a sneaky update with light passengers in mind – and people are loving it.

The shakers themselves are shaped like cute little airplanes with cartoon-like legs – and it’s easy to see why some people might like them as a dinner table addition.

The company tweeted a cryptic message alongside a picture of a pair of its shakers: β€œCaught red-handed? If you’ve come off one of our flights with a ‘new’ salt and pepper shaker, look under their feet and you’re in for a surprise.”

But what does that mean?

Well, one former Virgin Atlantic passenger who “accidentally” purchased the shakers for himself seems to have revealed the meaning behind their message.

Yes, the legs of the super cute airplane shaped shakers are now emblazoned with the message “pulled from Virgin Atlantic” so all your dinner guests know exactly where these products came from.

It’s safe to say that Virgin Atlantic’s approach to preventing theft on their planes has caused a storm on Twitter, with users flocking to the comments section to share their thoughts.