“For the past nine years, I’ve been open about my scars in my personal life, but completely hid them in any professional context: wearing bandages or bed covers, makeup on set and on stage, long sleeves whenever I’m photographed, pants so I can put your hand in your pocket,” she wrote on Instagram. “The industry I work in often focuses on a very narrow idea of ​​what counts as aesthetic ‘perfection’ and I was worried that my scars would prevent me from getting a job.”

Now Henley looks at his scars differently. “My scars are nothing to be ashamed of,” she wrote. “They are a map of the pain my body has endured and, most importantly, a reminder of my survival. They don’t affect my ability as an actor and I’m proud to be someone who has visible scars in this industry.”

Noting that she will continue to talk about her health, she concluded her message: “I’m sure I’ll talk more about my experiences in the future, but today I’m just happy to feel free for the first time in a very long time.”