An attempt to scrap the ban plan released by Sen. Lindsey Graham abortion at the national level after 15 weeks of pregnancy, Dr Mehmet Oz entered a potential error on Tuesday night at Pennsylvania USA Senate debate.

After abandoning that legislation and vowing to let the matter be decided at the state level, the celebrity TV doctor has made a surprising addition to the usual list of those who must be involved in making decisions about a woman’s intimate medical issues.

“Abortion should be the business of the woman, her doctor and local political leaders,” said the Republican candidate.

Democrats were quick to latch onto that line, which watched the debate as the most quotable moment of the night. The meaning of the remark was obvious; Abortion rights campaigners, particularly those engaged in conversations with Republicans on the issue, have reported stunning success in promoting the idea that the practice is an intimate and personal medical choice that should not be legislated out of contact with unqualified politicians. instead of doctors.

Dr. Oz’s inexperience in the political arena aside, this moment is indicative of the Republicans’ general mismanagement of the abortion rights message. The decision of the Supreme Court is overturned Roe v. Wade earlier this year, the conservative right appeared to be caught off guard, despite the fact that anti-abortion activists had been operating with this clearly stated intent for decades. As a result, the party’s message has been fractured as top Republicans disagree over whether the issue should be up to the states or the federal government, let alone the language of the bans themselves.

Complicating the issue for the right are the horror stories surrounding these bans, which have left the Republican Party without much protection; a particularly damaging story from Ohio involving a 10-year-old rape victim led to the party facing allegations of cruelty to such rape and sexual assault victims.