Work The MP was told to delete the tweet with the caption Rishi Sunak becoming prime minister “is not a win for the Asian representation.”

Nadia WhittomMP for Nottingham East, deleted her tweet after it sparked a backlash on social media.

A spokesman for Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer confirmed she had been instructed to remove it.

Earlier on Wednesday, Sir Keir declined to say whether he had personally weighed the issue.

incl Sky News on Wednesday afternoon a reporter asked the Labor leader: “Your spokesman says [Ms Whittome] was told to delete the tweet. Was that your instruction?’

Sir Keir replied: “Let me be clear about the position of the Labor Party. I was able to say that in prime minister‘s Questions, which was to welcome the first Asian Prime Minister as a real milestone for our country.

“It shows that in Britain, whatever your race, whatever your beliefs, your dream can come true.”

He added: “[Rishi Sunak and I] There was a private call last night and the first thing I did was congratulate him on becoming a British Asian Prime Minister, and it’s very, very important that I did that.’

But Sir Keir declined to say whether he had asked Ms Whittom to delete her tweet.

Pressed by Sky News, he said: “The position of the Labor Party is the position that I have set out. the whole of the Labor Party supports this and we are very, very happy to do it.’

Rishi Sunak took office on Tuesday, becoming Britain’s first Asian and first Hindu prime minister what many are hailing as a ‘historic moment’.

In a since-deleted tweet, Ms Whittom wrote: “Rishi Sunak as Prime Minister is not a win for Asian representation.

“He is a multi-millionaire who, as chancellor, cut bank taxes while watching the biggest fall in living standards since 1956. Black, white or Asian: if you work for a living, he’s not on your side.’